#1GAM, Fastdelegates, and a Nice Texture

or, A month long sabbatical in high-level land.

Ok, so about that staying on track and finishing something? Yeah well...

Instead I thought I'd try something at a different level of coding, more high level gameplay coding. And to that end I thought I'd have a go at a #1GAM entry - where you complete a game in a month. Well, it didn't happen (or rather I'm not going to finish it tonight so its pretty damn certain it won't happen).

It hasn't been a waste of time though, I've toyed around with some ideas I'd had and I've found a way of coding that really really works for me - using the fastdelegates library - so I can use delegates/closures in my program to pass around functions and objects for event handling. One nice thing that falls out of this is very loose coupling (which my god is like being in Zen compared to the usual nest-of-C that I work with) but from those principles fall out a number of really useful things - including transfer of ownership, 'self-cleaning' objects, and some really tightly coded libraries that allow you to turn out some really great effects in a dead-simple 'setup-and-let-go' fashion. I've written as a proof of concept a few pieces of game logic and some UI code and I'm still reeling from how nice and care-free that code is. I'll probably write about that a bit more on its own as I'm still trying things out.

In the meantime, I felt like a doodle, so I produced a really nice (well I think so anyway) texture for the floor of my blacksmiths:


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