Verb selection shortcuts in Point-and-click adventure games

or, What, you mean you don't just use the mouse?

Was reading a blog post about the development of Thimbleweed Park (a new point and click adventure by Ron Gilbert).

He mentioned the keyboard shortcut bindings for selecting verbs in a point and click adventure game, and various approaches were suggested, with more suggestions coming in the comment section.

A couple of thought came together in my mind, so I made a quick prototype.

Instead of having 'P' for push, and 'L' for look - and instead of just having a grid block of keys on the keyboard relate to the grid of verbs, there might be a more intuitive way.

If you use just WASD or the arrow keys, but by holding down the keys you select the verb in that cardinal direction, you only need 4 keys, and you don't have to hunt your way around a 9 character grid or search across the keyboard to work out whether you're pressing 'D' or not.

You can try out the prototype here: VerbSelectionTest


I put in a separate page as I was going to upload it as a snippet to one of those JQuery coding sites and I can't just whack random JS into my posts.

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