Yosemite National Park - Simply astounding!

or, Why a few days walking in paradise is never enough

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Sooo many pictures, I filled about 1.5gb per day on my SLR, and a good 1gb on my compact (once I'd charged it) - its going to take a while to upload even my favorites.

I am officially completely and utterly jealous of anyone who lives near to such a wonderful place, every time I looked out and thought 'Wow, that's the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen' you round the next corner and BAM there's something even better, that was when I was still driving into the place, walking 4 mile trail and up to Nevada falls was an amazing experience, it was just a shame I was only there for 3 days, I could have spent a month and still feel torn away.

So many places in the world left to see, but I can tell you now, I am going there again for a proper go! Sadly I didn't manage to do Half Dome, which I would have loved to have got to the top of, its a long hike, and from the guide books suggestions would have required pretty much every hour of sunlight available at this time of year unless you were a crazy person, I was game, but a bit unprepared and knackered myself on the first day with a 9 mile round trip to Glacier Point via 4 Mile trail (its actually 4.6 miles these day, my maths skills are fine!).

Instead, I cut it short at Nevada Falls, and made a gentle go of it, then topped off the day with a wonderful second trip (by car this time) to Glacier point for an attempt at night photography. I don't have a remote yet so I was limited to 30s exposures, but I had an attempt with using the manual shutter release and mirror lockup but its nigh on impossible to stay still enough to hold the button down for a few minutes at a go so I didn't come away with what I hoped - again this was a real shame because I have never in all my life seen such a clear sky, it was a truly satisfying experience, not a sound but the breeze, 6.5k ft up, lying on the ground with a sky so perfect that you could see the dust cloud formations along the belt of the Milky Way, I never realised it was possible to see such things with the Mk1 eye ball.

I've got a couple of shots handy from my small camera, I'll sort and upload some more shots from my main PC later.

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